Omicron at WCCW


Omicron has just made its way into WCCW. Two staff members positive (confirmed by a memo from admin). CCU was locked down first a couple days ago with five positive cases (the memo admitted to only one). Covid quarantine for my pod (MSU-B) just started yesterday because we have at least one positive case. Unknown if we have more. A few people, those with compromised immune systems, have been moved to the prison’s hospital (known as IPU) for their own safety. Everyone, cop and inmate, are still trying to figure out what’s going on.

As of right now I think that’s it. Information is half rumor mill and half what the cops let slip on accident with the exception of one memo that may or may not be propaganda.

It’s a shit show.

Thankfully, booster shots started being made available a little over a month ago. Definitely glad I got mine. It also helps that a couple months ago the DOC started offering incentive bags for people who get the vaccine or have already gotten the vaccine. Which has driven up our vaccination numbers. I mean, who doesn’t want $15 of free stuff?

Hopefully we have enough people vaccinated that, in combination with the lockdown, the virus can’t spread more. Only one way to find out.


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