Day 3 of Covid Outbreak in MSU-B of WCCW


Well… we’ve got a full blown covid outbreak at WCCW. We have dozens of cases confirmed in our pod now. Asymptomatic people are packing their stuff to move to the gym while they wait to not be positive anymore as I write this. They will be moved within the next couple hours.

The DOC has done a couple things right, lockdown the unit, mass covid testing, allowing unit laundry to stay open, delivery of meals to the unit. However, they are screwing up a couple things, denial of access to showers, intermittent denial of access to water and bathrooms for hours at a time.

It is unclear how long this state is going to last. Looks like it’s gonna be for a while.

Dayroom is closed for the foreseeable future. I don’t like it, but it makes logical sense. However, the showers being closed for at least a week is absolutely not OK. If the DOC wants to regulate us taking showers, only letting a couple people per bathroom shower at a time, fine. But they can’t just say “no showers period.” More people will get sick from them doing that.

Shits getting real and I am more than a little freaked out about it. There is almost zero communication about what’s going on. All we are being told is what we can eavesdrop from the cops talking amongst themselves in the dayroom and the direct orders being shouted at us.


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