Name Change Recognized by WA DOC


This week the Washington DOC finally implemented a new name change policy which recognizes when an incarcerated person has had a legal name change. The even greater shock is the records department is not dragging it’s feet or stalling or not wanting to honor the policy change. In fact, I sent a message to the records department asking to be issued a new ID with my legal name and literally two hours later I was issued a new ID.

I am so happy about this.

I won’t have c/o’s calling for my dead name over the intercom any more. Won’t have to have that whole conversation with inmates about why I’m asking to be called Amber, but my ID has a different name on it. Won’t be looking for my dead name on the callout any more. I won’t have staff look at my ID and ask if I’m trans. None of that.

It is such a relief. I had my legal name change five years ago and now, finally, I am able to reap the full benefit of it.

It may not seem like much, but it is a very big deal to me.


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