Standing Together, Or At Least, Paperworking Together


Yesterday, a seriously messed up situation happened to my neighbor and coworker. She’s someone I’ve known since I arrived at MSU (Medium Security Unit) and is a bit more than acquaintance but not quite a friend. Well… She has roomie troubles.

The first roomie she had was an absolute terror. That woman was constantly accusing her of things she did not do, constantly stealing from her, and actually ended up throwing her jpay tablet in the unit garbage while she was at work. Meaning it was taken out to the trash compactor long before she realized it was gone. It took her a month of complaining to the unit sergeant and CUS to get that woman out of her cell. And then the sergeant gave her another terrible roommate.

This one, however, is quieter, sneakier, and a horrible snitch. My coworker has handled it fairly well. She does her own thing, doesn’t feed into her roomie’s BS, and really only interacts with her to enforce healthy boundaries (which generally results in a screaming match that makes The Taming Of The Shrew seem well, tame.)

What? I didn’t say she was perfect, I said she was doing a good job all things considered.

Anyway, yesterday it came to a head. Her snitch of a roomie went to the c/o and told him that she’d hit her and was trying to get her tossed in the hole. My coworker was taken out of the unit in handcuffs. Thankfully there were more than a few witnesses to this so we knew what was up. Furthermore, their arguments had been the tier’s most watched telenovela for the last month so we knew the snitch had been threatening to do exactly that for a while. Which is how eight of us ended up paperworking together. We knew it was BS and weren’t gonna stand for it. We all filled out witness statements saying how the snitch had bragged before hand that she was going to get staff to do her dirty work for her and my coworker was just doing the best she could in a messed up situation.

Thankfully, my coworker was brought back to the unit, however, I did say this is a telenovela, the sergeant refused to change either one of their cell assignments. They’re still living together. Ay Yai-Yai


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