WCCW’s Covid Protocol


WCCW seems to have a fairly rigorous covid response, though I do think the DOC overall missed the boat with my transfer by not testing me at least once before before leaving Monroe since I spent over an hour in an SUV with the transport officers then came in contact with almost a dozen other staff while I was being processed into the facility.

On the other hand, once I got here I was greeted (politely) by 2 c/o’s in full PPE who took me out of the waist restraints and cuffed me in front. This was the first time ever during my entire incarceration that that I’ve been cuffed in the front.

I later learned that this is because they don’t know if a woman is pregnant or not when she first enters the facility and because there is a chance a woman may be pregnant when she enters the facility they cuff her in the front. That way if she trips she can protect her baby.

The c/o’s escorted me to the body scan room, walking 5-7 feet behind me on either side. After the body scan, the escorting c/o’s were informed by their supervisor that they had to have hands on me while escorting me to the intake building. This resulted in a whole exchange where official complaints were filed by the c/o’s because this was putting them at risk. Oddly, one of them made a point of telling me that it was nothing against me and that she’s in a high risk category. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a c/o ever explain themselves to me. I told her that I agreed with her. She was arguing for the safety of the both of us.

Next up was lunch, then off to medical for a covid test and to discuss other health issues. When I was taken to see mental health it was by video call, allowing us to talk without putting anyone at risk, and without masks.

I was given a roomie two days later. They cohort people together who arrive within a day or two of each other. They do this because of logistical needs. Too many people, not enough beds.

At the halfway point of my quarantine (today) I was given my second covid test and as long as that is all clear, I will be moved to B-pod in about a week. In the mean time my roomie, my neighbors, and I have settled into a routine of naps, pacing, and conversation. which is helping pass the time in a slow hazy blur.


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