Under New Management! Thank You Megan and Simone.


I began thinking about having something like this digital space to get my voice out into the world back in August of 2017. I began seriously writing for it in January of 2018. Megan has been the only reason I’ve been able to keep this up for the last three years. They are truly awesome. Through the DOC’s drama, the mail room’s censorship, me going to the hole three times, me changing facilities twice, and a whole pandemic, Megan held it down. They corrected the worst of my spelling and grimmer mistakes, pushed back when one of them was poorly written, came up with the titles for each and every one, and loaded them up. Megan is a friggin’ saint. I mean, they’d have to be to put up with me, right? So thank you Megan, for all the work you’ve put in. I this project never would have gotten started without you.
Well, now I have to announce the end of an era. Megan is handing off management and editing to Simone. And I have to say, Simone is super awesome and is the only reason this project is going to be able to continue. So a big thank you to you as well.

A lot has changed for me in a very short amount of time. That is the phase my life is in right now. So above all I am thankful to Megan, Simone, and all my other friends who help me to gracefully handle all this change.


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