Water and Dayroom


Today marked a big first step towards bringing the lockdown to an end. The dayroom schedule returned to normal and our access to water has returned to normal.

During Quarantine we had 20 minutes of dayroom every other day one cell at a time, and at this point we were able to get water whenever we needed to. When we got off quarantine that changed to two, 45 minute dayrooms per day with 16 other cells, and we were only able to get water during our dayroom, there only being the one water fountain/bottle filling station on the bottom tier. This caused all kinds of problems because there were days where we would go from 3:30 in the afternoon till 11 the next morning without being able to get water. Considering we have to buy a 2 liter water pitcher, this was a serious problem. After a couple weeks things opened up a little more and we had three dayroom per day, but with the same problems with water.

Now we have six, 50 minute dayroom per day with all 32 cells of our tier and can once again get water whenever we want.

At least, we would be able to if the unit wasn’t locked down today for the contractor who is installing a second waster fountain/bottle filling station on the top tier.

I’ve got to say, the DOC gets ten out of ten for good thinking on this one, but minus several billion for irony of implementation.


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