Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Prisoner Sneaks into Math Class!


OK, yeah. Little ridiculous, but I’m not joking. As always, the process for actually getting into school and taking classes is, a little messy. Mostly thanks to all the bureaucratic nonsense the DOC has put in place. So when I was told “Don’t worry, you’re on the list for Math 142 (Statistics) and English 242 (Non-Western Literature). Just show up and go to class.” I didn’t think anything of it.

First up, English class. I showed up, name wasn’t on the call out, got in no problem. Grumbled about getting homework on the first day. Went back to the cell and was happy to have something to work on that evening.

Next day, Math class. I show up and… The c/o at the desk asks me “Why are you here? You’re not on my callout.”
“I’m here for Math in room 7. I was told to show up and that it wouldn’t be a problem. You should have a list.”
“Go back to your unit.”
“OK.” And I left.

Now, usually in this sort of situation it’s not a big deal to show up to a class if you’re not on the callout. Either A) There was a clerical error and you still get in or B) There was a clerical error and you don’t get in. This c/o went for option C) You don’t get in and you get infracted for trying to go to school. Usually option C is reserved for people who argue or make a big fuss about not getting in. It’s a “you give me grief, I give you grief” kinda situation.

This guy though… apparently he was just having a bad day and wanted to share. Myself and two other students all got infractions. And he was quick with the paperwork too. Usually when you get an infraction it takes a day or two for the c/o to fill it out, then another day or two for the evening Sgt to sign it. So you end up getting served like a week or so later. Not in this case. Two hours later I’m being called to the c/o’s station and am given the infraction. 210 – Out of Bounds – Being in an area without authorization. Like, ouch. Give a girl a chance.

Sunday (today), I had the infraction hearing with the morning Sgt and thankfully it went a little something like this:
Sgt: “Morning Kim.”
Me: “Morning.”
Sgt: “I looked into it, and I’m dismissing this infraction. Sign here.”
Me: (having not had a chance to sit down yet) “Oh, um… OK. Thanks.”
Sgt: “Have a nice day.”
Me: “Sure. Um… You too. Later.” (scurries out of office before he changes his mind)

I’ve never had an infraction hearing go like that before. Have to say, I kinda liked it. Which brings us to our second headline for the day:

“School Cop Wastes Everyone’s Time With Gratuitous Paperwork! Extra! Extra! Read All About It!”


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