Good Officer Lost to Covid


Yesterday, I learned that an officer who was assigned to the morning shift in our unit, passed after contracting covid-19.

She had taken personal leave of absence to deal with some family issues and had traveled out of state to do so. This is where she got sick.

She was much beloved here because she genuinely cared. She was fair to a fault and would do her best to help people get their needs met anytime she could. She had a subtle sense of humor and didn’t take herself or her job too seriously. She had an excellent sense of what actually mattered.

I was just barely starting to get to know her, having only been in MSU for five or six months before she left. But she was one of the few officers I felt safe bringing an issue to because I knew she wouldn’t blow it out of proportion and I knew she wouldn’t dismiss or down play the problem either. She treated us like real human beings. I wish I had more time to get to know her better. She will be missed.

With love, respect, and condolences to her family, the omission of her name is intentional.


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