I’ll Take a Covid Restrictions on the Rocks, Hold the Covid.


We are now on day five of the entirety of MSU at WCCW being locked down for covid quarantine. Meals are being delivered to the unit, cold. They’ve cut each pod into quarters, we can come out to the dayroom once after breakfast, once after lunch and once after dinner, for a half hour each. Top tier is only allowed to shower in the morning, bottom tier in the evening. Twice a day the nurse comes round and takes everyone’s pulse, O2 saturation, and temperature. And we just sit and do nothing all day.

On the first day of the covid scare every single person in the unit was given a rapid covid test. Every single one was negative. We have not had anyone get sick since.

The DOC is, of course, not telling us anything about what’s going on. Everything we inmates know about what’s happening is coming from talking to c/o’s, nurses, other staff, and each other. The rumor is that the covid restrictions are going to be extended for an indefinite period of time, but we just don’t know.


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