WCCW and Covid


Last night the evening shift unit Sgt for MSU was mapped out for a possible Covid exposure. Because of this, our entire unit has been locked down and visiting has been cancelled for the entire facility.
As of 8 am this morning, there’s no movement here. No yard, no phones, no work even. They have a different unit working the kitchen for our shift.

This morning started with medical conducting rapid covid tests on everyone in our unit. We got called out to the unit yard by cell where medical staff had us shove q-tips up our noses.

The rest of the day has been spent doing nothing. We are only allowed to leave our cells to use the bathroom. No showers are allowed. We are hoping for more news this evening, and maybe some time out of the cell.

These all sound like great covid counter measures, but I got one question… What about the entire evening, night, and first part of the morning up til 8 am when the Sgt had been mapped out and no one in the entire unit, including most of the staff, knew what was going on and were running around as if everything was fine? Seems to me keeping the people who live here informed is an important counter measure that the DOC is intentionally neglecting.


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