Covid Update


As I’ve said before, the difference between the men’s and woman’s facilities when it comes to covid response is night and day.

Currently there have been some positive cases at Mission Creek. All ten people who have tested positive have been moved to WCCW for treatment. The people who are sick are being housed in the chapel, which has been converted to a field hospital. And the people who are asymptomatic are being housed in the IMU.

What could have potentially been a disaster, has been stopped in it’s tracks, at least, as of this writing.

On the better news side of things, the vaccine distribution is going very well here. every morning a dozen people are on the callout for medical to get their shot, and once a week a large group of people are on the callout for the gym where they do mass vaccination.

Just this morning I got my second dose.

Annoying, because of the increasing number of vaccinated incarcerated people, the c/o’s have resumed room and cell searches. However, they still are insisting on cohorting and not allowing school or clubs to meet. So basically, since things are going well, we are getting the oppression without the resilience to go with it.


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