The Importance of Talismans


A talisman is an item of personal or spiritual importance which provides protection, balance, and/or focus to the barrier. This can be accomplished by many different means, through symbolic connections of ritual magick, through reminders of important memories, or through the evoking of a connection to the divine, one’s community, or oneself. The more of these which are covered by a talisman, the more powerful it is.

One of the ways I cope with the alienating nature of prison is to intentionally understand the talismanic nature of everything I have. Some things I don’t like the symbology of, like my state issue glasses, but there is value in understanding how the metaphor value of things affects me.

For example…
The pentacle is an important symbol of faith to Wiccans. Each of the points corresponds to and element. The top point is Spirit, and the lower four points are (clockwise from the top) Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. This symbolizes the inherent laws and the natural forces of the universe all in balance and in their proper place. It also symbolizes the human form, the top point being the head, the other four being the arms and legs, and the pentagon in the middle being the torso. It connects the human form to our place in the cosmos and our ability to shape and co-create each moment as it passes. Then, when we add the importance of gifting, a pentacle which has been gifted becomes an important connection to one’s community as well.

It has been nearly two years since the last time I had a pentacle necklace.

My old necklace was a collection of irreplaceable gifts. The star was carved from black walnut and given to me in Walla Walla by another inmate. It had two flecks of amber on each side of it which were given to me by another inmate at WSR. Finally the chain was was given to me by the only person who’s stuck with me my entire incarceration. His wife, Melissa, got in touch with me when I was in county jail and has since passed. That necklace was stolen by the c/o’s who did my cell pack out at WSR when I was separated from John. Before that, my first pentacle was given to me upon completion of my year and a day of dedicate and my initiation to Wicca.

Thankfully, I was recently given a new pentacle by Syan (for which I am very grateful). My new pentacle reconnects me to the old ones and allows me to keep those lessons, memories, and symbolic connections in the forefront of my mind. Having a pentacle helps me to maintain a space of peace within myself and increases my Joy. It helps me to skillfully co-create each moment.

This is the importance of talismans.


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