Isolation and Excuses in COVID-Era Prison


COVID sucks massive donkey balls.

This is the third scare that’s happened at TRU which may or may not be an outbreak. All three times it was a DOC staff member working in the kitchen who tested positive which resulted in all the kitchen workers being put on quarantine. So far we’ve gotten lucky. That’s what it is. Even with all the screening and all the testing and the masks and such, it still makes it in. We’re just biding our time until our luck runs out, which is scary.

But let’s set that aside for a minute. COVID-19 has given the DOC the perfect excuse for destroying all the programs and visiting that they’ve always hated, which has made things in here even tougher.

I haven’t had a visit in a long time, but I see the way it wears on the people who normally do. Especially those with kids. I like to do my time by being involved with classes and clubs. Not having that makes it much more difficult to stay connected to other incarcerated people who are also on a positive wavelength, which in turn makes it more difficult to stay out of trouble myself. Also due to COVID-19 is a massive reduction in the amount of time we can go outside because the yard schedule has been divided up between the four units for social distancing purposes. This impacts me quite a bit because normally I go to yard and surround myself with other people who won’t try and hit on me or proposition me. But most of those people are in other units, so if I go to yard I end up having to dodge people I normally stay in my cell on the unit to avoid. Which is fine if I’m planning on power walking for the entire hour of yard, but what I want to do is lay down on the grass and just soak up some calm earth energy and get a sun.

And here’s the real kicker. Even with them having shut down all these programs and visiting which the DOC have been blaming for the prison’s drug problems for years, there’s still hella drugs making it into the facility which means it’s not visiting or volunteers.

It’s the cops.

And this is why COVID-19 sucks massive donkey balls. Because the cops are desperately scrambling to find anything and anyone to blame other than their fellow officers. So much so that they are dropping the ball on keeping us and themselves safe from COVID-19.


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