A Breath of Fresh Air

Last night we had a good solid rain and thunderstorm. Normally, after a good rain the air is noticeably cleaner and it is easier for me to breathe. But, because of COVID-19, the air was already fairly good before it rained. I only just noticed it after because it is a sudden departure from “the normal” rather than the gradual increase in air quality that has happened with everyone sheltering in place and not driving. I hope that one good thing which comes from COVID-19 is us, as a society, recognizing the importance of having clean air and committing to reclaiming the clean air which is our birthright. Cars are a massive source of pollution and greenhouse gases. Not because any one individual car pumps out that much CO2 and other crap, but because there are so many fracking cars. What if we replaced them all with electric cars? or hybrids? As consumers we can make choices about what we buy and if enough people make the same choice, then that causes the entire market to shift. If we as customers demand corporations make more electric cars and they only give away electric cars when they do promotional contests and game shows.

I don’t like capitalism, I just understand how it works. And in this case we need to make it work for us at least until we can build something better to replace it.


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