An Encounter with the Dark Side

Editor’s note: content warning for sexual harassment and suicide mention


I spent my May the Fourth Be With You being tested by the Dark Side.

There’s this guy who was (until last night) on my unit who is extremely infatuated with me. A few months back he tried to befriend me as a tactic to get in my pants. As soon as this became clear I stopped talking to him and got some help from other incarcerated people to create a social buffer between me and him. He told me he’d pay me $20 to be my friend. I am many things, but an escort is not one of them. I said no.

He continued to obsessively stalk me like Boba Fett stalked Han Solo. (Where’s that fan fic? Rawarr!) And I continued to dodge him like Ben Kenobi avoided the storm troopers on the Death Star.

Well yesterday was the climatic finale. He repeatedly came up to my door and yelled insults and threats at me. He said he was going to kill himself by hanging if I didn’t start talking to him. He then got more insistent. Yelling that he wasn’t going to respect my space any more. At which point I was very confused. He was respecting my space before? News to me. More yelling, more “join me or else”. The whole thing had a weird Luke-Darth Sidious vibe.

Eventually he forced his way into my and my cellie’s cell wanting to fight the two of us and, much like Anakin facing off against Obi Wan, we didn’t fight each other at all just stood there yelling how we disagreed with each other with him threatening to “smash me out”.

Through all that conflict I managed to keep my head and not give in to the temptation to act in anger and violence. Though I was very very afraid and fear (or so I’ve been told) leads to the Dark Side.

He left and the cops came in a few minutes later. Cuffed him up. Cuffed me up. Took us to the lieutenant to sort it out.

Thankfully they believed me that he had been stalking me and needed to be sent to SOU, the prison’s psych ward. I managed to convince the lieutenant that there was no physical altercation and that he needed to be put in SOU. I hope they give him the help he needs and he’s able to find his way back to the Light.

May the Force be with you.

Roll credits.


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