One of my fellow incarcerated trans women, Ruth, has a most interesting project,, on Facebook as Experience HumanMe.

Their mission is to find people who are doing the right thing in prison and who are rehabilitating themselves despite the barriers of prison and to give them a platform for their voice to be heard.

This is something I very much so resonate with. I’ve found that the people who claim to be rehabilitated from this program or that program generally only have things half figured out. The people who are in fact rehabilitated are the ones who have taken their internal journey on their own and leaned on the people in various programs for support in that work.
When you couple this with the difficulties incarcerated people have in getting our voices out into the world, I think her project is exactly the kind of thing which needs to exist.

I’ve wanted to have a bunch of guest posts from other incarcerated people, but have thus far been unsuccessful in doing so. She has done far better than me by creating a whole platform with multiple incarcerated writers from many different walks of life.

So please, give a look. They’re doing some cool stuff over there.


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