COVID-19 Update 4/22-4/27/20

Today we in B unit learned that people in C unit put forward a proposal which would severely cut our ability to stay in contact with our friends and families by imposing a limit of only allowing a third of us out of our cells for a third of day on a rotating basis. Their proposal still completely ignores many of the major risk factors for us in prison. So there was then a rush to write a counter proposal which would accomplish what theirs does not. Tomorrow both proposals are to be presented to administration tomorrow.

This evening we were given a info pamphlet about COVID-19. Much of the information was the same as what we have been seeing on TV and in other DOC memos. The only real difference is this contains DOC propaganda and comes with a side of production value. It claims if we are sent to isolation we get to take our Jpay players, as well as a few other items onto isolation. This is false.

“X” marks the spots where we are allowed to stand in the dayroom 2 meters from everyone else. These “X”s are more to keep the c/o’s from yelling at us for standing in the dayroom than anything else.

Our unit CUS has accepted the proposal for COVID-19 safety which was submitted from our wing and says he will be looking into how to implement it.

Just learned that D unit has a wing on quarantine again. This means we had a total of 4 days with no wings on quarantine.

First time in three weeks with no new COVID-19 developments. Just the new normal playing itself out. Multiple stop movements throughout the day for people to be taken to E unit. A fire truck responded to the prison at around 2:30 pm for unknown reasons. We were locked down once due to a COVID-19 scare. And a fight happened over in A unit. Ya know, normal stuff that wouldn’t make the papers.

The kitchen at TRU has been closed. One of the staff that work there had a high fever. Thus the incarcerated workers who worked closely with her have been placed on quarantine.This may or may not have been avoided if the DOC was still taking the temperature of incarcerated kitchen workers when they report for work.
Our meals are now being prepared for us by the kitchen at WSR, driven over here in a truck, reheated, and served to us in cardboard and styrofoam boxes. The one up side is we take the boxes back to our cells to eat after we pick them up in the chow hall.


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