COVID-19 Update 4/2/20

The DOC seems to be finally figuring out a reasonable response to COVID-19 and the flu.

We’ve finally been issued antibacterial soap. Clear plastic shower curtains have been hung up in between the phones and JPay kiosks. There are bleach soaked rags in the day room for wiping down phones and kiosks before and after use. Unit porters now come out after lockdown at 10 pm to disinfect the entire unit every night. We are now limited to only three at a time in line to get things from the officer’s station and c/o’s are beginning to call people out when they’re not social distancing. Pill line now has markers painted on the ground every 2 meters (6 feet). Which is good, except for the roughly 45 cm (18 in) taken up by each person standing in line making the resultant social distancing less than 2 meters.

Weirdly, the units which are on quarantine due to the flu that’s currently in the prison are having their own yard times separate from the other units. On the one hand, as a prisoners, I don’t want my fellow incarcerated people to be locked down and I don’t want to be locked down. However, I know how disease vectors work. Letting people out to mingle when the flu is rampant is negligent at best on the part of the DOC and foolhardy on the part of incarcerated people who come out of their house.

I hope things get more boring and safe in here, and even more so, out there.


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