On Sunday March 10th at 12:30 pm will be the first meeting of a gender and sexuality study/discussion group at MCC-WSR called “Alliances.”

Setting up this group has been a multi-year effort by many people and organizations. Specifically it would not be happening if not for the continued support of Black and Pink Seattle-Tacoma chapter, the sponsorship of three absolutely amazing people, as well as many other wonderful folks both inside and outside the prison.

Over the last three years we’ve had to overcome many setbacks and resistance from various quarters. One by one we’ve managed to outlast or outmaneuver each of those hurdles.

I don’t know what is next as far as organizing at WSR is concerned. However, I am certain that it will be the collective as a whole which charts our path forward, and I for one, am excited to contribute to it whatever that turns out to be.

There is no victory sweeter, than the building and cementing of connection.


Today was the first meeting of Alliances, a gender and sexuality study group here at the Washington State Reformatory (WSR). It’s been a long battle to make it happen and when I was walking to the meeting I was extremely nervous. I had all kinds of worries and anxieties around what was going to happen at the meeting. Who’s gonna show up? Would everyone be able to come together? How will we navigate potential problems? Or actual problems?

It went AMAZING! We had a great discussion about group norms, what we want the group to be, what is important to us, and what does all that look like in practice. Turns out, I was nervous for nothing. Next month already promises to have a larger group in attendance. With the nervous-making first meeting out of the way, we are, as a group, looking forward to figuring out what getting our feet under us and finding our stride. And after that, begin participating in the larger abolitionist collective here at WSR.
In short… ^_^ YaY! ^_^ Happys! ^_^


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