URGENT! Support Washington Senate Bill SB5819

We need to direct as many emails and calls as we can to the people listed below. They are responsible for getting the Sentencing Review Bill passed. When you write or call them you only need to tell them that you are in support of Senate Bill SB5819, and that you would like them to support the passing of such a bill. Calls are more effective. They may ask if you are in their district, just say yes. Their district is by their name.

The hearing of the bill will be on February 14, 2019 @ 10:00am in Olympia at the state capital building. It will be held in hearing room 4 in the Cherburg Building. We need to have as many people attend as possible. This will show that there is strong support for the bill.

Senate Law and Justice Committee

Chair: Jamie Pedersen, DEM., 43 Dist.

Mike Padden, REP., 4th Dist.
Mike.padden@ leg.wa.gov

Jeff Holy, REP., 6th Dist.
Jeff.holy@ leg.wa.gov

Patty Kuderer, DEM., 48th Dist.
Patty.kuderer@ leg.wa.gov

Jessie Salomon, DEM., 32nd Dist.
Jessie.salomon@ leg.wa.gov

Lynda Wilson, REP., 17th Dist.
Lynda.wilson@ leg.wa.gov

Manka Dhingra, DEM., 45th Dist.



One thought on “URGENT! Support Washington Senate Bill SB5819

  1. I apologize for the late response, but for future reference, I think it would be helpful, especially if you are doing so in support of someone who will be affected by these policies. Calling is probably the best way to do this because they may not ask for address information like an email form would. Legislators will be more likely to listen to their own constituents, but I still think it’s productive to put your voice out there for them to consider. -Megan


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