Weekly Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Comp Phone Yoga Study
Afternoon Comp Gender Tech ASTR100 Wks 1&3: Trauma Wks 2&4: Zen
Evening Tech HEAL ANTH206 BPC Wks 1&3: Salon

Here’s my schedule January through March. Doing too much as usual, yet somehow, this is what me taking it easy looks like >_>

Comp: Computer Lab. Time to do homework on a UBB laptop. Usually writing papers for my classes or computer programming.

Phone: Time reserved to talk to people who exist in a magical fantasy land I’ve heard many stories about: “the Outside.”

Yoga: Self Care! Yoga Behind Bars is ran by a wonderful woman named Jess and has dozens of yoga instructors who come into various Washington prisons. It’s all about learning how to be comfortable with discomfort, whether that is in the um-teenth downward dog for the day, or my cell at night.

Study: UBB Study Hall. Time to do homework with the help of fellow students and a handful of UBB teachers who volunteer their time to help with tutoring.

Gender: API Chaya Gender Studies Course. Focusing on socialization and doing away with with toxic norms (toxic masculinity, toxic femininity) both in ourselves and our relationships.

Tech: Tech Workshop for Computer Professionals. A really fancy name used to mean JavaScript class. Taught by UBB teacher of the year Ed Telman.

ASTR100: Astronomy with Caroline Pew! We can’t see stars in prison, but we can still study them. Yay for natural world distribution credit requirements!

Trauma: Mending Traumatized Minds. A class by prisoners for prisoners to help us sort through our damage using The Body Keeps The Score as a central text.

we go for self care
find and lose inner stillness
in every new breath

HEAL: I may have previously mentioned this awesome healing/restorative justice class a time or five. It’s really good and has been pivotal to me making some major personal breakthroughs in the past year.

ANTH206: Anthropology. Much like soylent green, it’s people! Well, the study of people. Taught by Rachel Lee.

BPC: Black Prisoners Caucus. The BPC has a long history of pushing for positive change. It’s a community-centered consensus based circle for everybody. The BPC uses a racial justice/restorative justice lens to focus issues on the most adversely impacted people (who, just to name it, are usually black, brown, and/or indigenous) because if you help them you end up helping everybody.

Salon: UBB Salon Lecture Series. Every other week a guest speaker comes in and gives lectures on various topics.


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