Reveling in Brilliance

The more I write, the more often I find myself in conversation or being a part of a group and having ideas sparked by the conversations going on around me.

Now, I know I’m brilliant, and super humble. (I might as well mention while I’m tooting my horn here.) However, I know that I would not be half as brilliant as I am if I wasn’t surrounded by brilliant people. The kind of people that makes me just feel lucky to get to be in the same room as and makes me feel appreciated as a contributor to the conversation.

Here’s the part that bugs me. I want to give all kinds of praise to these wonderful brilliant people but I don’t want to have the Wa DOC growling at those very same wonderful brilliant people because I write about some idea, then say “and I never would have thought of it if I hadn’t been sitting in [group name] discussing [topic].

Creativity does not happen in a vacuum, and reimagining my perceptions is most certainly a creative act, as is writing about those perceptions like I am doing here.

So I said all that to say thank you awesome people for helping me think better thoughts and the only reason I don’t state explicitly where I got all these hair brained ideas is because I don’t want to get any awesome people other that myself yelled at by the Wa DOC. Because y’all are awesome, and brilliant. And you make me more awesome and more brilliant than I would be otherwise. Also humble, super humble. (continuing to toot own horn)

Did I mention humble?


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