How the Blog Works

Due to the Wa DoC initiating a crackdown on all access to any type of electronics (like the JPay player I am currently typing this on) I feel it would be wise for me to detail exactly how this blog is being managed/accomplished.

Basically, they’re putting out intimidating memos and I’m hoping that by being above board about the fact that we’re not breaking any rules they won’t find an excuse to censor this blog because they probably aren’t too keen on the content.

So I type each post on my JPay player. It’s basically an eBook reader with a screen that’s 2 1/4″ x 3 3/4″. So… much thumb crampage. I then turn on the WiFi and send the email at a cost of one e-stamp, roughly 17 cents. Sending emails and downloading music are the only two things that the WiFi can be used for (So no interwebs).

My penpal Megan (the Totally Awesome) then receives the email through the JPay website and copy/pastes the text to some sort of word processing software where they, in Total Awesomeness, correct the worst of my grammatical and spelling errors and post it on the blog for you, my oh so wonderful audience (pander, pander, pander) to read.

The timing of a post may be a bit off because each post is read by the facility’s mailroom before it leaves the facility. Thus, we try and have a half dozen (or more) posts ready to go at any given time. Currently, we are trying to do one post a week.

That is, unless something happens like the Wa DoC putting out scary memos about how they don’t like that magical technological thingy. This sends blog writers (like yours truly) diving for cover while scrambling to make sure there’s a message much like this one posted.

Sure, in theory I still retain my First Amendment rights… now you go tell that to the nice inquisitor and see how far it gets you. I don’t have a bunch of money to hire a lawyer to fight for my rights in court. In fact, I have a little less than zero power if they choose to silence me and that is one of the things that really freaks me out. I know that there is a very high probability that I will die in prison, and unless the Wa DoC chooses to notify someone, no one will know I’m dead. That’s my reality, along with the reality of most US prisoners. There is a reason I appreciate any one and everyone who reads my blog so much. Even if they don’t ever give a penny to the crowdsource, make a comment or so much as “like” any of my posts.

If no one can hear me, do I have a voice?


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