Editor’s Note

Hey everyone! Megan here. I just wanted to take a moment to clarify how we are managing the blog, the crowdfund page, and Facebook page.

Amber is in prison, so she does not have access to the Internet. Andy and I are not in prison, and thus have access to the Internet. Because we are in that position and Amber is not, and because we care about Amber’s wellbeing and want people to hear what she has to say, we have offered to run the three pages on Amber’s behalf.

When Amber writes a blog post, she either sends it to me through the mail or she sends it to me through JPay, which is the closest thing inmates have to email. I then take the post, edit it a bit for grammar/spelling/etc or anything that might need updated, and I queue it up on the WordPress account. Amber does not write Facebook posts; Andy and I are the ones that post on the Facebook page, and we generally just share the links for blog posts or the crowdfund, but we will also utilize the platform with Amber’s life updates that she may not have written about in a blog post. If we put posts on the crowdfund page in the future, they will come about the same way as posts on the other two pages.

While these pages are in her name, they are operated by Andy and me. Amber knows the login information but has no way to log in. She has no way of seeing any of the comments posted on any of the pages, or any information about any of the pages in general, unless Andy or I directly tell her in writing or over the phone. This is also the case with the email address attached to her blog; I have it set to forward emails to my regular email address, and anything she would need/want to see I would communicate with her.

TLDR: Amber has no direct access to any of these pages about her. She sends us stuff and we put it up for her, and we communicate any developments with the pages back to her.

Amber plans to write a blog post about the whole process in the future, but we just wanted clarify for the time being!



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